Achievements for 2022!

I have done a LOT this year. No really, 2022 was a massive game changer for me. Here is what I have done this year:

  • Got a job paying me $55,000/y. Yes, I am currently underpaid for my expertise in the US, but considering that my previous highest salary was around $33,000/y, I’ll take it!
  • Got out of poverty. The 2nd highest paying job had me deal with abusive patients, travel long distances with little warning, and had some massive shady stuff going on. As a result, I couldn’t really save too much money in that position because I was spending it all on mental care and crying. My 3rd highest paying job had me just below poverty level, so obviously couldn’t save anything.
  • Formed my 1 person company. Took some money and deep thinking, but I finally did it!
  • Started a Medium account and reactivated my LinkedIn account. Despite being banned 4 times on LinkedIn, I have found it to be somewhat useful
  • Worked a lot on my mental health and this is the first year that I have had very few flashbacks. Really proud of myself for getting my cPTSD under control and I have been a lot happier!
  • Being open about who I am. I am not fully telling people about some of the things I still need to come to terms with internally, but I am no longer afraid to come out as nonbinary.
  • I have even more plans for next year, but that will be its own separate post. Stay tuned!

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