A picture of blurry water with a rainbow diagonally across much of the water. The upper left and bottom right of the picture is a near dark black while the lower left corner is a dark blue. Going in a upper right diagonal, the color shifts from dark blue to cyan, then green, then briefly yellow, then briefly orange, then red,  and lastly a light purple in the upper right corner. Credit given to Kévin Dorg on Pexels. Their link is https://www.pexels.com/@kevin-dorg-136105/.

Picture made by Kévin Dorg. Link to Pexels page to give credit.

I talk about whatever interests me. Expect posts on anti-racism, decolonization, mathematics, quantitative psychology, and a wide range of other stuff. I post multiple times a week.

  • Taking It Easy Until PhD Decision

    The wait on hearing back from this PhD program is driving my anxiety up a lot. On the 23rd of January, they had asked for a sample of my academic writing. I have not heard back since. I know that when I applied and asked about the typical timelines, they stated that I should know […] Read more

  • Notes on What to Learn During Graduate School

    Whether I do a 2nd master’s or a PhD is still currently up in the air. I have yet to hear back from the PhD program. In the meantime, I wanted to make a list of things that I am working on in graduate school. I will divide my notes up into more academic slanted […] Read more

  • The Discussion of Online Education Mirrors Bigotry About Other Groups

    Academics like to think that they are not biased towards their students. That they are providing students with the best possible education. This false image quickly fades if you look at the discussions they have about online education. The first 2 phrases that come to mind that I hear from a lot of academics are […] Read more

  • Using Intent with Employers

    This is an informal documentation on my plans for 2023. I will start documenting employers with histories of anti-Blackness so that I can avoid going to them. Same for transphobia, disability, and a few others. This may be considered pickiness, however consider that most places with histories like that will not want to hire me. […] Read more

  • Quick Update for what will happen over the next 2 weeks

    One: I will finish a project that I am mostly done with on GitHub about survey design. Two: I will do part 2 on survey design on this website. Three: I will do the 2 posts on 2e that I have been delaying on Medium. Four: I will finally finish the archive that I made […] Read more

  • Goals for Networking with additional degree

    Unlike my bachelor’s degree in mathematics and my master’s degree in quantitative psychology, I want to approach this next degree with strong intent from the start rather than wait until the second to start knowing others. With that, this post is more to keep myself accountable more than anything else. Within academia, I want to […] Read more