Yet Another Diet Update: 6 weeks later

I began a new diet that consisted of energy levels instead of a more traditional diet.

It’s been actually good for my body. I’m no longer worrying whether I have the energy to make certain food. I’m having overall higher energy levels. It’s obviously not a cure all, but this change of accommodating myself has done wonders. The best part is that I’ve been having less zero energy days and more high energy days, which means that I’ve had to shift my diet quite a bit since I first started in April. I’ve been cooking more, doing more complex cooking, and trying out new foods, especially vegan.

So if you are disabled and energy levels are a problem for you, maybe try it if this could be applicable. Obviously if your disability prevents you from cooking, I would not recommend this shift or do it with heavy modifications if feasible (TV dinners if you have access to a microwave and can use it, snacks that take into account disabilities and dietary restrictions, etc).

One last thing that has been helping me a lot is buying my groceries in small batches at the place I work at (Walmart). Since I’m there for 20 to 25 hours a week most weeks, I can buy in small batches of a few days instead of buying in my usual bigger batches of once every week to 2 weeks.

Anyways, the week of the 21st is going to be slow at work, so expect more posts than usual that week. Also to the folks that have somehow found me via Google Search: Hi!

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