Update on Diet and Life

So, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I started on a diet based on my energy level. It’s been great! My energy levels have overall been higher and I’ve been trying out more vegan food.

As of yesterday, my student visa application has been submitted. The same day Canada public service workers begin a general mass strike. My timing is great. Hopefully my student visa won’t get rejected, but if it does, I can try again one more time before going to my plan B: doing the online master’s in computer science with a thesis and focusing on doctoral programs for 2025. Would also do a working holiday visa in 2024 to live outside the US.

I’ve been using LinkedIn a lot less. I just get bombarded with traumatic posts every time I open the website.

As far as Mastodon goes, got involved with some drama related to vegans and it’s why I didn’t elaborate on the new vegan food I’ve been trying out.

I’ve been getting more involved in mathematics. Reading more math papers, dreaming about math and such. Some might ask me why I’m doing my PhD in Quantitative Psychology instead of mathematics and the answer is quantitative psychology is overall less competitive, plus I like quantitative psychology, especially research methods. Also that I don’t want to turn my biggest passion into a job. I don’t want to risk destroying my passion for mathematics.

Anyways, advisors want to meet in early September to discuss funding for future years in more depth. I want to talk to the Disability Studies and Mathematics department to see how viable several options are. There’s 3 options that I am thinking of: pursuing their option in Disability Studies (just 2 courses), pursuing a master’s in mathematics, and pursuing a master’s in disability studies. I want to first see if the mathematics department would let me in or if they would want me to take a bunch of courses first. If it’s the latter, then I’ll talk to the disability department and see what option they would recommend for me. Will give the PhD program a whole year before deciding to add anything extra. As far as the visa side goes, there shouldn’t be any issue doing this as I’ll still be pursuing the PhD at the same university while doing this.

No plans for May other than one speaking gig and celebrating my birthday. June will be applying to some of the positions on campus and July will be signing up for courses. August, I’ll actually go to Canada and early September is when university starts.

This is going to be a time for me to relax and chill for now.

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