Next Steps for Graduate School

So, got accepted and got the provisional condition removed. All they needed were my official transcripts for the provisional condition.

I’ll be doing most of the application for the student visa this weekend, but I can’t finalize it until April due to needing some documentation from the school that will only be available starting next month. That will be the letter of acceptance that details duration of the program, costs and more. Funding is also finalized in April. Once I know the extent of my funding, I’ll be applying to on campus housing for at least the 1st year. I’ll probably move off campus to more suitable group living after the 1st year unless on campus is amazing.

I’m also making concrete notes on which professors I want to reach outside of the psychology department. Of the most interest, there’s a few professors in the mathematics department doing some really cool work that I want to connect with.

I’ve packed up most of my stuff except stuff that I use frequently, my towels, and my clothes. I’ve also been connecting with some of the psychology graduate students so that I can start with some connection rather than how I usually start: Completely isolated, knowing no one, and feeling deeply alone.

My last day of full time work is on Monday. I’ll be transitioning to part time work to help myself prepare for living in a different country.

I’m now at the part where shit is feeling real. I really am leaving the United States for at least 3 years. I really am going to transfer my finances and everything else to Canada for a bit. And it feels… oddly saddening. Not because of bureaucracy or anything that actually causes distress, but because the dream of leaving the United States is becoming reality. It’s leaving the realm of dreams. It’s a dream coming to fruition. This is something that I really want to do and realistically speaking, leaving via student visa is the best route for my nerdy self. I’m still overall really happy, but I’m dealing with the “loss” of a dream.

The next steps after submitting the student visa is to connect with other professors, sign up for courses, and just wait. Hopefully, the student visa will be approved after showing proof of funding along with proof of paying for housing and such. Also, I have hopes that my student visa will be approved given that rates for approval are higher both for US Citizens and also for doctoral programs.

Anyways, May to August is going to be a relatively quiet time in my life and I need it badly. Have a good day!

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