Doing Basic Set Up of My Academia Email

I recently set up my student email. Here is what I did:

First: Added a bunch of folders. That way I can sort things into them.

Second: Added some rules. I can do into detail in another post if needed. But basically, you can set your email to do things automatically. Want your ex’s email to go to the trash automatically? You can do that! Want to trash job rejections that contain a certain phrase and / or written generically? You can do that! Want certain emails to go to a folder? You can do that!

I did a setup to where messages about the APA go to the APA, my advisor emails to a folder dedicated to just them, and some other stuff. I will likely later set up a rule on moving racist content and other stuff to its own folder since I’ll start having more visibility during academia, which means more trolls.

Third: Made the theme aesthetically pleasing for me. If I make my email painful to look at, I’ll avoid it.

Fourth: Made 2 signatures- a default one and an academic one. The academic one will be more used for formal academic positions, like being a math tutor, while the default will be used for everything else. The academia signature briefly describes each degree I have and that I am a doctoral student. Will likely also add current position for academic signature once that’s relevant.

Fifth: Customized how my inbox looked as well for ease of reading emails and sorting what is important and what isn’t.

Lastly, customized a lot of other stuff to make it as easy for me to do things as possible. Added shortcuts, tinkered with some stuff, and so on. Is this overkill? I argue not. If you take the time to set up your email, you will save so much time later and make things easier for yourself. Anyways, just a small thing that I did.

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