Taking It Easy Until PhD Decision

The wait on hearing back from this PhD program is driving my anxiety up a lot. On the 23rd of January, they had asked for a sample of my academic writing. I have not heard back since. I know that when I applied and asked about the typical timelines, they stated that I should know by February. This post is dated January 31st, 2023. I should know within 28 days from today of the decision made. I will be checking once a day on the weekdays and none on the weekends.

I have decided to take it easy and drop most of what I am doing until the decision has been made. The high anxiety makes it easier to trigger my cPTSD and harder to control my mood. I have been really bad about working through burnout, so I have decided to not do that this time.

I really do want to do a lot, but I’ve already triggered a few flare ups and flashbacks by not respecting my own boundaries. So, I’m going to actually take it a bit easy for now.

Anyways, learning something new about myself: My anxiety becomes much higher for opportunities outside the United States. Will keep this in mind for the future to grow as much as I can!

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