Using Intent with Employers

This is an informal documentation on my plans for 2023.

I will start documenting employers with histories of anti-Blackness so that I can avoid going to them. Same for transphobia, disability, and a few others. This may be considered pickiness, however consider that most places with histories like that will not want to hire me. Make their and my life easier by just avoiding the places like that.

In that regard, I will begin networking with Black owned places, LGBTQ+ places, and such. I want to avoid just running from something, but also run to something. I am also going to be on the look out for jobs with extremely inaccessible interview processes as well.

How I plan to stand out is intent and skills. I plan to ask the employers I am interested in on what skills they are looking for and then showcase those skills. I also plan to be very intentional, showing that my interest is sustained. I will be avoiding large companies.

This is my plan for freelancing and industry employment. This will look significantly different for academia due to competition, availability of jobs, and such. For now though, that is off for a few years.

Looking to grow and develop for 2023!

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